Calling All Dog Dads! Things To Do In New York City This Month

Fathers Day.jpg

Looking for something to do this June, but don't want to leave your four-legged friend behind? Try these activities, events and doggo dates.

1. Everyone loves to spend time on the beach. Take a trip to the dog beach this June to take along your best friend - head to Long Meadow in Prospect Park.

2. Looking for love? Summer is the best time to do it, and being a dog lover might just help you find the one. Sign up for the dog persons dating app "Dig Dates" and find dog loving singles near you! You never know if both you and your dog could find love.

3. When you want friends for both you and your dog, a doggie meetup is ideal. Try checking out to discover groups like 20 Somethings With Dogs NYC or Pooky's Dog Walking Club. You can find all kinds of dog lovers with like interests (most importantly, dogs).

4. See yourself as a dog dad to your dog child? Treat yourself to a Father’s Day Dog Ice Cream & Sliders from maison de pawZ on the 16th. The coffee shop is dog-friendly and happy to welcome both you and your furry pal.

5. Dogs are funny, and people are funny, so why not combine the two? If you're a comedy lover but you always struggle to think of what to do with your dog while you go out looking for some chuckles, try The Good Dog Show: A Dog-Friendly Comedy Show at DSK's Haus in Brooklyn on the 27th.