LUXURY Dog Carrier Bags

Jaxx Hound Collective combines high-quality materials and canine-centric design practices. With this concept, we were able to create a luxury dog carrier bag that is comfortable for your furry friend and fits your style.

We’ve created two luxury dog shoulder bags—The Classic Carrier and The Open Carrier. The Classic Carrier is a ventilated, enclosed designer dog carrier bag that allows your pooch to travel comfortably and discreetly.

The Open Carrier dog shoulder bag opens on the right side with a cut-out window. The Open Carrier is the perfect designer dog carrier bag for owners who want to take a casual stroll or jaunt around the town.

Both bags come in several colors. Plus, you can customize them with an adjustable travel strap.

Don’t forget that every purchase from Jaxx Hound Collective goes to support Animal Haven’s pets in need. Learn more about our mission here.



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